Nhật Tuấn Porforlio

Nhật Tuấn Porforlio


My name is Trần Nhật Tuấn, also known as Tuấn Vũng Tàu. I am a graphic designer specializing in advertising publications, advertising videos, UX/UI design, and WordPress-based website creation. Additionally, I am also an AI researcher, specializing in Blockchain. I use software such as Photoshop, Figma, Illustrator, Premier, After Effects... to complete projects. I started working in the design field in 2011 and can provide UX/UI design services, professional graphic design, effective advertising video creation, and advertising publication design.


UX/UI Design

Creating a user-friendly and visually appealing interface for digital products

Graphic Design

Professional Design for print and digital media, including logos, brochures, and advertisements

Advertising Video Creation

Producing compelling videos for advertising purposes

Advertising Publication Design

Designing practical and visually appealing advertising materials for print or digital media

WordPress Website Creation

Building and customizing websites using the WordPress platform

Blockchain and AI Research

Specializes in research and development of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence products.




2023 - Now

Graphic Designer and Video Editor at CoinTR | CoinTR.pro

At CoinTR.pro, I take on the role of designing posters and creating videos to introduce the platform's services and features to the community in a unique and professional manner. My creations focus on producing captivating effects that evoke emotions and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

2022 - Now

Graphic Designer and Video Editer in OCTAN Network | Octan.network

Design Banner, Poster, Video for Marketing of Octan Network. Professionally present project information in a way that stands out from other similar projects

2022 - Now

UX/UI Designer and Video Editer in Khoa Pham Corporation | Khoapham.vn

I do Blockchain Game Web projects as a UX/UI designer. Make promotional videos for each project and related designs across many different projects.

2021 - 2022

Reporter Designer and Video Editer in Hakresearch | Hakresearch.com

The focus of my work is to redesign the brand image of HAK INSIGHT and HAK RESEARCH. I am also responsible for implementing and delivering report products periodically and as required by the team.

2021 - 2022

Graphic Designer and Video Editer in Starpunk | Starpunk.io

As a freelancer game project designer, I specialize in creating visually stunning marketing materials such as video trailers and intro videos that perfectly capture the essence of the games. My expertise and extensive experience can help companies drive engagement and increase their player base.

2021 - Now

Graphic Designer, Video Editer, Web Builder in MIGOI Crypto | MIGOI.IO

I manage the MIGOI Crypto brand, overseeing all aspects related to its products. This includes managing and building the website, MIGOI.IO, and designing and implementing video trailers on media channels and websites. With my expertise in branding and design, I ensure the MIGOI Crypto brand is well-represented and attracts its target audience effectively.


UI/UX Designer in Technology Company Vutatech JSC (Leader)

I am responsible for redesigning the image and identity of companies, as well as refactoring 80% of their corporate web projects to improve the user interface (UI). In addition, I specialized in performing UX/UI tasks for Blockchain-related projects.

Personal Experience


Make the book “ Blockchain in the age of Decentralization"

"Blockchain in the age of Decentralization" is a book authored by John Nguyen, also known as JohnRockefellerVn. As a designer, I was responsible for creating all the images and designing the book cover. I was also responsible for laying out the ebook and paper book formats, ensuring a high-quality reading experience for readers.


Automate the process of making Report at HAK ANALYTIC

Adapt Code and Design so that the process of creating Report products is done automatically.


Researcher of Artificial Intelligence

I study and research Midjourney and ChatGPT, as well as other Artificial Intelligence systems to serve my work. Artificial Intelligence has significant applications for all industries. My long-term goal will be related to Artificial Intelligence and its application to Blockchain.

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